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I wish I had the chance to give Adorno a lapdance

I'm extremely critical of humor as a model of communication and discourse but I still have and excellent comedic disposition that comes from my soul Baruch hashem.

Jewish lesbians are blessed with superior taste in humor idc dont @ me. We are basically custodians of the comedic tradition.

I wanna say funny jewish shit but goyim get really moody about it

I got some quad doms. And my right quad is so weak wtf brodin.

I always send little kisses after my prayers :blobderp3d:

Hashem hear all my prayers. Make my ass the most muscular of them all.

desperately trying to herd my top crushes towards my last media post without directly @ing them in the replies

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Love too take selfies that look like the last known photo before a mysterious disappearance

the last bit ill say on robby unless asked or prompted: it's not just the nutt drama. people have been complaining about him being a sex pest for a LONG TIME, pretty much since he's been on masto. it's not just me. he is the worst kind of reply guy, one that thinks hes a feminist, he acts like hes doing the right thing when he is continuously pushing the boundaries of multiple fems. its just ironic he sides with literal abusers (pyretta), is a non stop sex pest, told people to kill themselves, and victimizes himself constantly (as most white men do tbqh) and then he wants to come at someone for a misunderstanding that was literally months ago.

I am practicing headstands! I love working on stuff like this. And wow the sun is still out! What a chill Sunday evening

I am only thinking about things I enjoy for the rest of the evening. The real world can pause. I cannot be bothered. :blobderp3d:

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