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Sappho was like, comparing girls' skin to yogurt and shit and lesbians were like wow sappho ,,🥰🥰😍😍 let's name our sexuality after this island where u compared my skin to yogurt and my eyes to olives

Hell yeah that's how u spell antiquity I win!!!!

How do we bring back sappho style lesbianism


my kid takes a drink and goes "ahhh good old fashioned rooted beer."

Oh oh oh yeah yeah yeah that's the seagazelle song

I hate how when I hit back in the youtube app it doesn't take me to the previous video it takes me to the previous search.

Lol I'm just being a weirdo. I'm allowed.

Do you ever feel how much power you have inside and just start hyper ventilating like holy shit I love me it's overwhelming what if I don't love me back???? What if i don't feel the same way about me that I feel about me???? I'd be so sad

Cute time I think. Gotta self care and hot oil my hair and shit

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femme energy

leviathan pussy